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D.O. Alicante

The D.O. Alicante has around 13.200 ha planted. The average altitude of the vineyards is 600m and planting density is low. The traditional training method is gobelet, grown close to the ground in order to counteract potential damage in the fierce summer heat.

Monastrell and Alexandrine Moscatel are the most widely varieties planted. Monastrell is a medium sized grape, but compact in bunch and thick skinned, which allows it to withstand well the many hours of sunshine. The difference between Alicante’s Monastrell and that from other neighbouring areas is its greater freshness, and its versatility when combining with other varieties.

The wines of D.O. Alicante are noticeably full bodied, and in many cases display touches of minerality. They are wines which stand out for their dryness, good acidity, and which show good notes of ripe fruit, often dried fruit. They are intense in colour, especially the reds.
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